Apollo Theatre

The Curious IncidentIf you are heading to the West End any time soon then you might want to check out what’s on in one of the many theatres located in this area. Many of them feature stand-out musicals whilst the others present plays both old and new. In the case of the Apollo Theatre this is often the latter category, with famous plays from around the world regularly gracing its stage. But it often includes children’s shows, musical performances and more, so finding out if the Apollo Theatre should be your port of call upon your arrival in the capital is vital, which is why this website has a wealth of information at your disposal.

With our history page, you will get an idea as to the long history enjoyed by the Apollo Theatre, from its emergence at the dawn of the 20th century to its recent performances of shows like Long Day’s Journey into Night. This is over a hundred years of service, meaning that the venue has seen two World Wars and stood on this site through thick and thin. So your visit here has context – you are potentially one of many people over the years to keep on supporting this wonderful West End location.

But if you want to see this through then the show that is currently gracing its stage better be up to scratch, which is why our show page is provided to give details on this very matter. With a overview of the synopsis, plus details such as the background and perhaps those involved, you will get an idea as to the kind of show you could be about the enjoy. This is important information to have if you are about to part with your well earned money for a once-in-a-lifetime theatrical experience.

On top of that we also have additional information that will make your decision and your experience even easier. Our directions page will help you find the venue when you arrive in London, whilst pages covering the seating will help you get an idea as to the layout of the auditorium and the facilities that are provided.

So we hope this site is of your use to you and that you enjoy your visit to the Apollo Theatre.